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Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations from Our Veterinarians in Knoxville, TNknoxville pet vaccinations

If you've adopted a new pet and you're preparing for him to enjoy a happy, healthy life with you, the subject of cat or dog shots inevitably comes up -- and it's an important one. Vaccinations are essential for keeping your pet safe against some very nasty or even fatal diseases, starting at a young age and continuing throughout his life. Here at Bluegrass Animal Hospital, any veterinarian on our experienced team will be happy to provide those all-important pet vaccinations in Knoxville.

The Need for Knoxville Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations jump-start the body's own immune responses to specific disease threats. A vaccine is a replica or deactivated form of the disease organism that can cause the immune system to produce antibodies against it when it enters the bloodstream, just as if it were the active germ. The Knoxville pet vaccinations we provide make up for the fact that puppies and kittens aren't born with their own antibodies to these disease; they only "borrow" antibodies from their mother's milk for the first several weeks of life. For this reason we recommend several rounds of vaccinations throughout the first year, starting when your pet is just 6 to 8 weeks of age. These cat and dog shots eventually lose their protective power, so your veterinarian in Knoxville will also want to follow up with booster shots according to a predetermined schedule.

Core vs. Non-Core Dog and Cat Shots

The dog and cat shots your Knoxville veterinarian recommends for every animal are known as core vaccinations. These vaccinations protect your pet against the most prevalent and worrying disease he might encounter in everyday life. Dogs receive core vaccinations against canine distemper, rabies, canine parvovirus and canine adenovirus; cats receive core vaccinations against feline distemper, rabies, feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus 1 and feline panleukopenia virus. Most of the necessary vaccines can be combined into a single shot.

Some vaccinations that aren't considered "core" are nevertheless very important under certain circumstances. If your pet faces an unusually high risk of exposure to a particular germ, we can administer non-core Knoxville pet vaccinations to protect against that germ. For example, kennel cough (Bordetella) and coronavirus are both easily transferred among animals kept in close quarters -- so if you plan on placing your pet in a boarding facility or other multi-pet environment, your veterinarian in Knoxville may recommend vaccination against these disease. Cats may benefit from feline leukemia vaccinations, while Lyme disease vaccinations may be recommended for dogs at high risk of exposure to tick-infested areas.

Get All Your Pet Shots in Knoxville Right Here!

As invaluable as vaccinations are, they can't help your pet until you take action to have them administered. If you're ready to provide your special family member with a lifetime of disease protection, start by getting those pet shots in Knoxville right here at Bluegrass Animal Hospital. Call 865-694-8387 today to schedule an appointment from our Knoxville veterinarian!

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