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Pet Dental FAQ's

Pet Dental FAQ's in Knoxville

You have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Don't you want the same great care for your furry family members? At Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, we offer a full suite of dental services for your dog or cat. Good oral hygiene is as important to pets as it is to their owners. Our pet owners often have questions when they bring their furry friends in to see the pet dentist. Here are some of the most common:

a dog holding a toothbrush with its teeth

Why Does My Pet Need Teeth Cleaning?

When teeth aren't cleaned regularly, a sticky paste called plaque forms. This happens in humans as well as pets. When plaque is left on the teeth, it builds up and hardens into an unattractive yellow coating called tartar. This tartar can form between the teeth and even under the gums, and it encourages bacteria to grow on its pitted surface. These bacteria can eat away at the teeth and jawbone, as well as create infections in the mouth that can spread to the rest of the body.

How Often Do We Need Pet Teeth Cleanings?

By the time most pets are three years old, they've already developed a case of tartar bad enough to require pet teeth cleanings. When you bring your pet in for its annual wellness examination, we make a complete dental exam part of the checkup. Our Knoxville veterinarian will let you know when your pet needs teeth cleaning. In most cases, a yearly cleaning is all your pet will need.

Does My Pet Have to Have Anesthesia For Teeth Cleaning?

Dogs and cats have a hard time understanding the benefits of dental care. We apply anesthesia to all pets during teeth cleaning for their safety and to help keep them calm. This prevents the animal from hurting itself or others during the procedure. General anesthetic today is very safe, and our professional team is very experienced with the procedure.

What if My Pet Breaks a Tooth?

In many cases, pets don't show any signs of pain when they break a tooth. They just chew on the other side of their mouth to avoid the broken tooth. This doesn't mean that the tooth doesn't need care. Broken teeth hurt, plus the exposed tooth pulp is very easily infected, which can cause problems with your pet's general health. The best thing to do is to have our vet in Knoxville extract the tooth before any more damage occurs.

Can I Help at Home?

The best way to help prevent a need for pet dental care Knoxville is to clean your pet's teeth regularly at home. Our veterinarian will teach you how to brush your dog's or cat's teeth, keeping them clean to help prevent dental problems.

Looking for a Veterinarian in Knoxville TN?

Pet dental care is an important part of your pet's annual health requirements. Our team is experienced in treating a wide variety of dental problems. Help keep your pet healthy: call our office at 865-694-8387 for an appointment today.

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